We are looking for Ambassadors to help promote our Wildlife Marathons

Kenya Wildlife Marathon http://kenyawildlifemarathon.com

Borneo Wildlife Marathon http://www.borneowildlifemarathon.com

Australian Wildlife Marathon.com http://www.Australianwildlifemarathon.com


Requirements of an Ambassador

Enthusiasm about our events

Passionate runner

Good Communication skills

Connections in the Running Community

Strong Social Media Following

What is expected from an Ambassador?

1.      Promote the event on social media, blog posts and answer questions and comments about the race

2.      Distribute Flyers to Running Stores, Races, Gyms

3.      Get People to sign up

4.      Provide Feedback

As an ambassador what do you get?

For every 10 people that sign up using your discount code, you will get a free trip (not including International Air)

For every 14 people that sign up you will get a free trip including International Air

Alternatively you can receive $300 for each person that signs up

Discounts on our running Tours $100 off any running tour package


Interested? Apply Below.

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