As one of the most intelligent animals on the planet besides humans, orangutans are adapting the environment by passing on culture through generation by generation. They are not only as intelligent as a six year old child, but also have self-awareness. However, their drive to extinction is an individual story of horror as they are macheted and burnt alive as an agricultural pest.

Orangutan is one of the slowest reproducing species in the animal world, which are highly prone to extinction. Therefore, if humans do not take the actions right now, we might lose them in our lifetime.

Do you believe statements like 'Wildlife Vs. People', or ' Environment Vs. Economy'? Hopefully not, because they are wrong. Orangutans are not the only species benefiting from the rainforest, but all kinds of creatures that living in this biodiverse ecosystem, include the indigenous communities which rely on the rainforest to supplies for sustainable agriculture. 

The transformation of the rainforest to unsustainable types of agriculture, for example, palm oil and mash paper, is just economical by passing the 'true cost of production' onto the feeble. This intensely affects indigenous groups, local groups, the sustainability for Indonesia and worldwide impacts for every single future era. The genuine inquiry is – do we give a couple of eager individuals a chance to get rich to the detriment of the beautiful life that makes the rainforest so majestic?

Compared with all the transport systems in the world combined, the destruction of the rainforest cause more global warming. So we can see, the protection of orangutan habitat benefits all future generations.

Please, help the orangutans.